xlutils documentation

This package provides a collection of utilities for working with Excel files. Since these utilities may require either or both of the xlrd and xlwt packages, they are collected together here, separate from either package. The utilities are grouped into several modules within the package, each of them is documented below:

Tools for copying xlrd.Book objects to xlwt.Workbook objects.
Utility functions for displaying information about xlrd-related objects in a user-friendly and safe fashion.
A mini framework for splitting and filtering existing Excel files into new Excel files.
Tools for finding how much of an Excel file contains useful data.
Tools for serializing xlrd.Book objects back to Excel files.
Tools for working with formatting information expressed the styles found in Excel files.
Easy to use views of the data contained in a workbook’s sheets.

Working with xlutils

The following sections describe how to install the package, contribute to its development and the usual boilerplate:

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