2.0.0 (9 June 2016)

  • Updated documentation.
  • Move to virtualenv/pip based development.
  • Move to Read The Docs for documentation.
  • Use Travis CI for testing and releases.
  • Use features of newer testfixtures in CheckerView.
  • Python 3 compatibility.

1.7.1 (25 April 2014)

  • Add support for time cells in View.
  • Add support for .xlsx files in View at the expense of formatting information being available.

1.7.0 (29 October 2013)

1.6.0 (5 April 2013)

  • Moved documentation to be Sphinx based.

  • Support for xlrd 0.9.1, which no longer has pickleable books.


    You may encounter performance problems if you work with large spreadsheets and use xlutils 1.6.0 with xlrd versions earlier that 0.9.1.

1.5.2 (13 April 2012)

  • When using xlutils.copy, the datemode is now copied across from the source solving date problems with certain files.
  • The errorhandler package is no longer a hard dependency.
  • As a minimum, xlrd 0.7.2 and xlwt 0.7.4 are now required.

1.5.1 (5 March 2012)

  • Fix packaging problem caused by the move to git

1.5.0 (5 March 2012)

  • Take advantage of “ragged rows” optimisation in xlrd 0.7.3
  • Add support for PANE records to xlutils.copy, which means that zoom factors are now copied.

1.4.1 (6 September 2009)

  • Removal of references in the finish methods of several filters, easing memory usage in large filtering runs
  • Speed optimisations for BaseFilter, bringing those benefits to all subclasses.
  • Memory usage reduction when using MemoryLogger

1.4.0 (18 August 2009)

  • Add sheet density information and onesheet option to xlutils.margins.
  • Reduced the memory footprint of ColumnTrimmer at the expense of speed.
  • Fixed incorrect warnings about boolean cells in ErrorFilter. xlwt has always supported boolean cells.
  • BaseReader now opens workbooks with on_demand = True
  • Added support for xlrd Books opened with on_demand as True passed to open_workbook().
  • Fixed bug when copying error cells.
  • Requires the latest versions of xlrd (0.7.1) and xlwt (0.7.2).

1.3.2 (18 June 2009)

  • Made installation work when setuptools isn’t present.
  • Made errorhandler an optional dependency.

1.3.1 (22 May 2009)

  • In xlutils.styles, handle there case where two names were mapped to the same xfi, but the first one was empty.

1.3.0 (18 Mar 2009)

  • fix bug that cause BaseWriter to raise exceptions when handling source workbooks opened by xlrd 0.7.0 and above where formatting_info had been passed as False
  • add xlutils.copy

1.2.1 (19 Dec 2008)

  • add extremely limited formatting_info support to DummyBook and TestReader
  • move to testfixtures 1.5.3 for tests

1.2.0 (10 Dec 2008)

  • add and implement start method to components in xlutils.filter.
  • fixed bug when using set_rdsheet with ColumnTrimmer.
  • improved installation documentation.
  • renamed xlutils.styles.CellStyle to more appropriate xlutils.styles.NamedStyle.
  • improved documentation for xlutils.styles.
  • moved to using TestFixtures and Mock for tests.
  • moved to using ErrorHandler rather than duplicating code.

1.1.1 (20 Nov 2008)

  • prevented generation of excessively long sheet names that cause Excel to complain.
  • added test that will fail if the filesystem used doesn’t support filenames with +’s in them.

1.1.0 (14 Nov 2008)

  • link to the documentation for xlutils.display
  • tighten up version requirements for xlrd and xlwt
  • use style compression in xlutils.filter.BaseWriter
  • prevent generation of bogus sheet names in xlutils.filter.BaseWriter
  • xlutils.filter.BaseFilter now keeps track of rdbook, simplifying the implementation of filters.
  • add another example for xlutils.filter
  • add xlutils.filter.XLRDReader
  • add xlutils.filter.StreamWriter
  • add xlutils.styles
  • add

1.0.0 (8 Nov 2008)

  • initial public release